Dr. Elizabeth Gray

Elizabeth Gray
Professor of Psychology
Associate Dean for the Division of Sciences

At North Park since: 2002

In her dual roles as associate dean and professor, Dr. Elizabeth Gray mentors both new faculty and psychology students, a position that she cherishes. With a passion for teaching and a desire to work with undergraduates at a Christian, liberal arts university, she has found in North Park “an environment where I can integrate faith and focus on the core values of ethics, service, and learning for life.”

Dr. Gray teaches introductory courses and upper-level seminars in personality, social psychology, psychological testing, and human lifespan development. Much of her research energy is focused on projects for improving the learning experience for psychology students, who receive much more than the standard scientific and professional training.

“They learn about psychology in the context of significance and service,” she says. “Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in internships or research with faculty, to integrate psychological concepts to understand self and others and with other science and arts courses, to learn from and interact with PhDs trained at top research universities who value teaching, and to actively engage in discussion, service, and community as they craft their life course.”

Dr. Gray is the faculty advisor for Psi Chi, the international psychology honors society. She is also involved in the Psychology Club, Undergraduate Research Symposium, and Catholic Student Association.


  • PhD, Personality and Social Psychology, University of Iowa
  • MA, Psychology, University of Iowa
  • BA, Psychology, University of California, Santa Barbara

Recent Publication

  • J.G. Vaidya, E.K. Gray, J.R. Haig, D.K. Mroczak, D. Watson. "Differential Trait Stability and Individual Growth Trajectories of Big Five and Affective Traits During Young Adulthood." Journal of Personality vol 76 (2008): 267-304.

“Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge..."