Dennis Bricault

Dennis Bricault, Spanish professor
Professor of Spanish and Director of ESL Program

Expertise: Teaching English as a second language; applied linguistics
At North Park since: 1992

Dr. Dennis Bricault is passionate about connecting students with opportunities to engage Latino communities in Chicago and around the world. “Our major involves looking at the richness of Latino cultures, and gives students solid grounding in a second language, its cultures, and its literature.”

In his classes, Dr. Bricault’s students examine and discuss aspects of cultural differences and larger questions of social justice and faith. “My courses always have a ‘culture compact’ project, which requires students to engage Latino culture in some way off-campus in the city,” he says.

Dr. Bricault enjoys connecting students with new experiences and perspectives. “Our Modern Language Department opens the door to many multicultural and international opportunities,” he says, citing study-abroad programs such as the University’s long-standing partnership with Centers for Interamerican Studies in Cuenca, Ecudaor.

Dr. Bricault is a member of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.


  • PhD, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Loyola University Chicago
  • MA, Applied Linguistics with a concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language, Northeastern Illinois University
  • MEd, CESEM Business School, Barcelona
  • CELTA, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, International House, Sabadell, Spain
  • BA, Wartburg College

Recent Publications

  • Book review of Entre Socios: Español para el Mundo Professional (Carney and Coria-Sánchez, 2011). NECTFL Review vol 70 (September 2012). “A Different Taxonomy for Language Learning,” ITBE Newsletter vol 39, # 2. (Summer 2011).
  • “Legal Bases for Dealing with Academic Dishonesty,” College and University Journal vol 82, # 4 (2007): 15-21.