Career Development and Internships at North Park University

Career Development and Internships

Welcome to the Career Development and Internships Office at North Park University. We are proud to walk alongside students "from first to finish" to foster a successful transition from high school to college to professional lives of significance and service.

Through teaching students career development strategies and decision-making skills, we help cultivate professional and personal development that will equip them with the tools and awareness to be successful in whatever path they choose.

Discover the services we provide to students and alumni of North Park University. Please contact us with any questions you have about how we can assist you in your educational and career path.

Students on train

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can access career counseling and development, internship assistance, academic major choice resources, and help choosing the correct graduate school.
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Graduate and School of Adult Learning Students

North Park students in graduate programs and the School of Adult Learning are invited to utilize resources for career counseling and development and the employment listings.
North Park University Graduates


North Park alumni from all undergraduate and graduate programs are welcome to utilize career planning and job search resources.
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Faculty Resources

Find all the resources and documents you need as a faculty member advising a student during their academic internship.

Prospective Employers

Submit internship and job posting information through these helpful online forms. The Office of Career Development and Internships reserves the right to reject any internship or employment postings based on suitability and mission-fit with North Park University programs.