Meet the Faculty

Jim Bruckner

James Bruckner

Professor of Old Testament

Dr. James Bruckner’s classes are diverse in methodology, focus, and intent, seeking to form whole people for healthy ministries. “Training pastors in reading the Bible as God’s word is the most challenging and rewarding work that I know,” he says.

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Linda Cannell

Linda Cannell

Adjunct Professor of Christian Formation

Dr. Linda Cannell retired from her post as academic dean at North Park Theological Seminary in December 2011, but continues to teach Christian education and formation courses. She is currently director of CanDoSpirit Network, working in international education and development, and serves as the managing editor of the Common Ground Journal.

Mary Chase-Ziolek

Mary Chase-Ziolek

Professor of Health Ministries and Nursing

As a faculty member in both the School of Nursing and the Theological Seminary, Dr. Mary Chase-Ziolek integrates her faith in her work and makes connections between faith and health. 

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Stephen Chester

Stephen Chester

Academic Dean, Professor of New Testament

Dr. Stephen Chester tells his new students that they should come prepared to be changed. “Be ready to study, but also to explore your calling and to be stretched in actual ministry contexts,” he says. 

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Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom

Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom

Professor of Theology and Ethics

In Dr. Clifton-Soderstrom’s classes, students learn how to read, analyze, interpret, and apply a variety of theological and biblical texts to ministry. She fosters a “holistic approach to ministerial formation, including classical disciplines as well as ministry and formation.” 

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Paul DeNeui

Paul de Neui

Professor of Missiology

Dr. de Neui promotes intercultural competency as an integral piece of the seminary process, including a focus on developing Christian hospitality. Each year, Dr. de Neui offers a global travel course, exploring faith outside of students’ home context. 

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Timothy Johnson

Timothy Johnson

Professor of Ministry and Director of Field Education

Dr. Timothy Johnson appreciates being able to help students develop clarity of discernment. “We will tailor your Field Education in a way that fits you and what your passion is, and what you aspire to do,” he says. 

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Ellen Kogstad-Thompson Teaching

Ellen Kogstad-Thompson

Adjunct Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation
Director of the Center for Spiritual Direction

Ellen Kogstad-Thompson teaches the core spiritual formation courses for all Seminary students, leads the ongoing work of the C. John Weborg Center for Spiritual Direction.

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Paul Koptak

Paul Koptak

Professor of Communications, Biblical Interpretation

Dr. Paul Koptak enjoys helping students discover and develop their gifts for preaching, building into their character and vocational call. In his classes, Dr. Koptak aims to follow the path of study he hopes his students will take as preachers.

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Max Lee

Max Lee

Associate Professor of New Testament

Dr. Max Lee is passionate about preparing students for a lifetime of pastoral ministry through theological education. “Training minds to think critically and theologically about our world is my call and mission in life,” he says. 

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Hauna Ondrey

Hauna Ondrey

Teaching Fellow in Church History

Dr. Ondrey’s doctoral research focused on the relationship between patristic exegesis and theology. She is “passionate about introducing to students the goods of direct, careful, and sustained engagement with the Christian past,” she says.

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John Phelan

John E. Phelan Jr.

Senior Professor of Theological Studies

As a pastor, Dr. Jay Phelan knows the value of theological education, particularly in serious biblical study. He came to North Park because he “wanted to be a part of this process of engaging text and culture,” he says. 

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Summer Portrait Elizabeth Pierre

Elizabeth Odette Pierre

Pastoral Care and Counseling Teaching Fellow

Dr. Elizabeth Pierre's research interests involve learning how to provide adequate pastoral care for trauma survivors. She especially focuses on Black women who are survivors of sexual violence and the role that atonement theology may play in their recovery. Other research interests include the role of forgiveness and reconciliation in violent contexts.

Soong-Chan Rah

Soong-Chan Rah

Professor of Church Growth & Evangelism

For Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, engaging in urban and multicultural ministry is a passion. His classes enable students to identify the skills necessary for sociocultural analysis, a deepened theology, and spiritual formation and discipleship in practical ministry. 

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Al Tizon

Al Tizon

Affiliate Associate Professor of Missional and Global Leadership

Dr. Al Tizon aims to form scholar-practitioners who are equipped to witness to the gospel holistically, contextually, relevantly, and faithfully. As executive minister of Serve Globally, Dr. Tizon brings practical, international perspectives on theology and mission.

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Jodie Boyer Hatlem

Teaching Fellow in Theology and Ethics

Dr. Jodie Boyer Hatlem is serving North Park in a two-year teaching fellowship program. She believes that students considering seminary will find classes here “challenging, interesting, and concerned with engaging the church and the world.” 

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Carol Norén

Wesley W. Nelson Professor of Homiletics

Dr. Carol Norén challenges her students to become preachers and worship leaders who can communicate effectively across a wide range of ministry settings.

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