Staff Council

Staff Council Mission Statement

The Staff Council’s mission is to provide leadership and representation in supporting the interests of the full Staff Assembly, and in helping the staff engage in a productive collaboration with the President and all University constituencies to advance the mission of the University as a whole.

The Staff Council seeks to foster communication and collaboration between the administration and staff, among the various campus constituencies, and contributes to the governance of the University in an advisory capacity. The Staff Council seeks to advocate on behalf of staff by reviewing and promoting concerns, issues, and ideas to enhance the quality of the University work environment and fulfilment of the University mission.

Contact and Communications

Staff Council sends regular communications via email, hosts events, and seeks input from staff and other groups. We invite anyone to contact Staff Council members directly, or by emailing

Staff Council Members

  • Ellen Almer, University Marketing & Communications
  • Katie Anderson, Athletics
  • Adrian Battle, Health Services
  • Viviana Belisle, School of Nursing
  • Leah Blanchfield, Student Engagement, Co-Chair
  • Monica Guarisco, Enrollment Management & Marketing
  • Luke Johnson, Athletics
  • Ralitza Kourteva, School of Professional Studies
  • Elman McClain, Campus Safety
  • James Meyer, Information Technology, Co-Chair
  • Krystal Miranda, School of Music
  • Luke Palmerlee, Seminary
  • Melinda Peterson, Admissions
  • Rochelle Robinson-Levant, School of Business and Nonprofit Management
  • Vanessa Serrano, School of Nursing
  • Allison Valentin, Business Office
  • Baily Warman, Seminary Admissions
  • Tessa Zanoni, International Affairs