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Biblical and Theological Studies (BA)

Why Major in Biblical and Theological Studies?

As a biblical and theological studies major, you’ll utilize in-depth Bible study, theological exploration, and the history of the church to deepen your understanding and practice of faith. You’ll acquire critical thinking skills and see the real-life implications of what you learn. As a graduate, you can pursue a life in ministry or academia, or follow your calling to public service or business.

Faculty Spotlight:
Dr. Willitts

Dr. Willitts’s students read the Bible and theology in the contexts of North Park’s urban, multicultural setting, and of God’s big world. His area of expertise is the New Testament.



Student Profile

“At North Park I’ve expanded my mind to different things that the world offers, whether it be social justice issues, Christian ethics, or just being able to relate in the real world.” – Marcus Payne II C’17


Interesting Classes

The “Biblical Formation on Location” course is designed to awaken a student’s imagination of the biblical world as a lived experience. The course transports students from Old Testament Israel to the New Testament Church. With this embodied knowledge and first-hand encounters, students build a solid foundation for life-long biblical ministry and leadership.

Alumni Graduate Schools

Students often continue their studies with graduate programs at North Park Theological Seminary and North Park’s Schools of Business and Nonprofit Management or Education. Alumni have also pursued degrees at, among others, Fuller Theological Seminary, Duke Divinity School, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, Bethel Seminary, and Princeton Theological Seminary.

Faith into Practice

University Ministries programs like Urban Outreach and Global Partnerships get North Park students involved in service-learning initiatives and volunteer opportunities throughout the city and around the world. These experiences go hand-in-hand with classes like Justice in Biblical and Practical Theology, helping students engage the Bible with issues of social justice.

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John C. Kulis Foundation Lectures

Lectures are posted as a condition of the generous funding of the sponsoring foundation. Statements or viewpoints expressed in the lectures are simply those of the lecturer and do not represent official positions of North Park University.

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