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Aaron Kaestner

Professor of Mathematics

Known as “Dr. K” Professor Aaron Kaestner regularly integrates issues of faith and multiculturalism. And whether learning takes place in the classroom, in the neighborhood, or downtown Chicago, Professor Aaron Kaestner imparts the Math Department’s student-first approach to teaching. “Our doors are always open and we love having students drop by to discuss class sessions, research, or whatever is on their mind,” he says.

Research interests include knot theory, quantum topology, and math education.

Recent Publications

A. Kaestner, L. Kauffman. “Parity, Skein Polynomials and Categorification.” Journal of Knot Theory and Its Ramifications vol21, #13 (November 2012): 56 pages.

A. Kaestner, L. Kauffman. “Parity Biquandle Invariants of Virtual KnotsTopology and its Applications.” Volume 209, 15 August 2016, Pages 207–219.

Popular Courses

Concepts and Structures

MATH 1030 is a general education mathematics course that uses the theme of social justice to motivate the study of mathematical applications.

Inspirations & Interests

Favorite Author: Neal Stephenson