Brian Vollmert

Associate Professor of Marketing

In the classroom, Professor Vollmert aims to “correctly rebrand” the profession of marketing to North Park students. Contrary to popular belief, marketing offers a variety of career types for people of differing skill sets and passions.

“If you’re creative, great, we’ve got advertising and promotions,” says Professor Vollmert. “If you excel at analysis and numbers, perfect, we have market research, pricing, distribution, and web analytics. Let’s say you thrive on interacting with people, wonderful, we have professional selling or consumer behavior. Our students graduate with marketing knowledge and the tools to make an immediate impact for any organization.”

For Professor Vollmert’s students, that variety is made evident by the organizations and practices studied in his courses. Topics range from ethics to professional selling and promotional writing to consumer behavior. “Contextually, I often highlight marketing functions and best practices of faith-based organizations,” says Professor Vollmert. “Then I compare them to those in business and industry.” Professor Vollmert’s classes also include guest speakers, projects that feature interaction with practitioners, and opportunities for service learning.

“One would be hard-pressed to find an academic institution as highly regarded throughout Chicagoland’s nonprofit sector as North Park,” says Professor Vollmert . “Simply put, the School of Business and Nonprofit Management knows nonprofits.”