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Brian Vollmert

Associate Professor of Marketing

Professor Vollmert is always excited and up to the challenge of introducing the marketing and advertising professions to North Park students. “In the past, many business students, primarily at the undergraduate level, stumble upon marketing as default after determining they have a lack of interest or aptitude in other business disciplines, so they look to rely on their creative abilities and outgoing personalities. While there is certainly nothing wrong with relying upon one’s creativity and outgoing personality, they are not prerequisite traits for success in marketing and advertising.”

“If you excel at analysis and numbers, perfect, we have marketing research, pricing, distribution, supply chain, Big Data, and web analytics. Let’s say you thrive on interacting with people; wonderful, we have professional selling or consumer behavior and insights. Perhaps you are an outstanding writer; BINGO—we have public relations and content marketing. And, if you are one of those lucky few that are artistic and creative, we have advertising with graphic design and audio/visual.”

Professor Vollmert strives to make a difference in the lives of his students. “I firmly believe that only through God’s Grace did I come to NPU, and am I privileged to join my students on both their academic and life journeys. In my time at NPU, I’ve heard it often said that being a faculty member at North Park University is not a job but a calling. I couldn’t agree more. And I’m forever grateful to have received it.”

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