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George Quainoo

Professor of Physics and Engineering

Dr. George Quainoo is a professor of physics and engineering at North Park. Bringing a background of research in metals to the classroom, Dr. Quainoo enjoys teaching physics because of the way “you can look at your environment and tell students why each phenomenon works.” He encourages every student to go out of their way and investigate things for themselves. One way that he allows students to do this is through access to the research equipment he brought with him.

Professor Quainoo, as students address him, hopes that they will help him in his research in metals, “it gives students more hands-on experience with tools they will encounter in the workplace.” Professor Quainoo also encourages his students to take on their own projects and use his lab space to investigate their interests. “We have a unique experience for our physics and engineering students in that our availability to our students is instant,” says Dr. Quainoo. He praises the Physics Hub, a place for students to gather and collaborate, for the unique way it allows professors to guide and assist students in an “organic and spontaneous” environment.

Faith is an important aspect not only to Dr. Quainoo’s personal life, but also in physics. “I like having fellowship with students during chapel on campus,” he says, and he is excited when he can bring an intersection between faith and knowledge into the classroom. Professor Quainoo explores how faith works together with the material from a physics perspective.

Recent Publications

G.K. Quainoo, S. Yannacopoulos and C.M Sargent, “Estimation and Correlation of Strengthening Components to the Evolution of Microstructure following Cold Work and Artificial Aging in AA6111 Aluminium”, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 240, (2010), 012094.

John A. Hendy, Gregory T. Miller, George Quainoo, and Deidre Krupp, “Radially Firing Laser Tip: A New Perio Treatment”, DentalTown, Vol. 10 (issue 10), (Oct. 2009), pp. 70-76.

G.K. Quainoo and S. Yannacopoulos, “Natural Aging Behaviour of AA6111 Aluminium”, Ghana Journal of Science, vol. 47 (2007), pp 91-100