James Bruckner

Having been raised in Eskimo villages on the northwest coast of Alaska, intercultural learning is part of Dr. James Bruckner’s heritage. Today, it affects every course he teaches. “Intercultural learning happens by entering the seminary. The interpretation of Scripture begins with the study of the wide variety of cultural and ethnic settings of the biblical text. It continues with Field Education throughout the city, intercultural settings, and worldwide Christian studies,” says Dr. Bruckner.

Dr. Bruckner’s classes are diverse in methodology, focus, and intent. “This is by design since we seek to form whole people for healthy ministries in the Christian church,” says Dr. Bruckner. At North Park, Dr. Bruckner finds that community life is placed at a high value. In the midst of academic rigor, the focus is still on preparing students for ministries of the church.

An essential part of Dr. Bruckner’s identity as a faculty member is to form students who will become his peers in ministry. “From the beginning of the seminary experience to beyond graduation, we continuously interact with students. Training pastors in the value of reading the Bible as God’s word is the most challenging and rewarding work that I know,” says Dr. Bruckner.

An ordained pastor of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Dr. Bruckner has served congregations in Washington and Minnesota, and as a lay missionary in Alaska.

Recent Publications

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