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Mary Veeneman

Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies

Dr. Mary Veeneman learned in her graduate theological studies and research that helpful answers sometimes come from unexpected places. As a researcher, her expertise lies in both Catholic and evangelical theology. “The strengths of each tradition are needed in the other,” says Veeneman, who believes that campus diversity can have the same effect, bringing valuable insight from differing perspectives.

“After living in the Bronx, I couldn’t see myself teaching in suburban setting,” Veeneman says. “I very specifically wanted to be at North Park because it’s a Christian school that values diversity—not just cultural, but countries of origin, and religious identity—and is very intentional about being in an urban setting. I’m surprised every day by the experience of my students and what they bring to the classroom.”

Veeneman is an active researcher of systemic theology, a regular contributor to scholarly journals, and a presenter at national theological conferences. Her latest book project compares the theological method—exactly how one develops theology, and what sources are used—among Catholic, protestant, and evangelical traditions.

Recent Publications

Mary Veeneman. Introducing Methods of Theology, Baker Academic (coming in 2017).

Mary Veeneman. “The Use of Scripture in Catholic Social Teaching’s Vision of the Family,” Ex Auditu, (2013).

Popular Courses

One of her most popular courses (and perhaps her favorite one to teach) is Women, the Bible, and the Church because students respond well to considering the lesser-explored narratives about women in both testaments of the Bible and the early church.