Rachel Jantz

Coordinator of Academic Advising & Faculty Liaison

Rachel Jantz works alongside faculty and professional advisors to give guidance and structure to the academic advising experience of North Park students. Driven to help students develop a love for learning, Rachel has focused her education and career on academic support and leadership. In her most recent position at the University of Illinois at Chicago as the Assistant Director of the Business Scholars Program, she holistically advised business students in a cohort program and helped develop their leadership skills.

Rachel believes academic advising is more than just choosing courses for a major and should involve all facets of students’ lives to help them reach their goals and dreams. “Throughout my schooling, I remember one thing specifically–the people. I am who I am today because my professors, fellow students, dear friends, amazing mentors, and dedicated coworkers touched my life, even if it was in a small way.” This journey starts with a strong academic foundation and a love of learning, which she hopes students will find at North Park University.

Rachel’s passion for helping college students spills over into her conversations with them, as she seeks to help them find and pursue their own passions in the formative years. “I believe we should all be asking the hard questions to develop ourselves every day, every week, every year. I want North Park students to value their education both inside and outside the classroom and never stop being curious.”

Inspirations & Interests

Rachel loves sports. Her favorite teams are the Chicago Cubs and the Clemson Tigers. She also enjoys bike rides along the lakefront and exploring Chicago’s neighborhoods.