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Timothy Johnson

Dr. Timothy Johnson believes that seminary is a place of discernment. “All the discernment doesn’t happen before you get here. You don’t have to come here with an absolutely crystal-clear understanding of why you’re coming. You just have to know this is the direction you need to go. Your time here is to clarify what it is that fits you,” says Dr. Johnson.

As director of Field Education and professor of ministry, Dr. Johnson appreciates being able to help students develop that clarity. “We will tailor your Field Education in a way that fits you and what your passion is and what you aspire to do. The majority of distance learner students can fulfill most of their field ed requirements right where they are, for example. I think we’re more flexible than some seminaries that way,” says Dr. Johnson.

Having pastored for 25 years in three Evangelical Covenant churches around the country, Dr. Johnson enjoys imparting what’s most helpful for the development of pastoral ministry. “There are seminaries where the primary thing is to be academically strong whether that serves in the developing of a church pastor is of secondary importance,” says Dr. Johnson. At North Park Theological Seminary, both are of equal importance.

North Park’s working relationship with its parent denomination is one that Dr. Johnson enjoys and finds unique among seminaries. Dr. Johnson believes the access North Park affords students to the Evangelical Covenant Church and to faculty is among its strengths. “My colleagues pride themselves in being available to students and relating well with them,” Dr. Johnson says.

Dr. Johnson has held various elected offices for the Evangelical Covenant Church, including president of the Covenant Ministerium.