North Parker Magazine Winter 2018

New Promise Scholarships Focus on Undergraduate Recruitment Priorities

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North Park University is expanding opportunities to continue to attract a wide range of students who can benefit from our outstanding education. In addition to the North Park Fund, our annual giving effort to support all students with demonstrated need, a new category of merit-based scholarships, called North Park Promise Scholarships, will provide financial support to top students representing:

The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) community

Future majors in nursing, health sciences, and other STEM-related fields

High academic achievement across the curriculum

“We are proud to present North Park as an excellent choice for premier teaching and learning,” says Vice President for Advancement Mary K. Surridge.

“We operate in a very competitive student recruitment marketplace,” she says. “The new Promise Scholarships will better equip us to address additional areas of priority in undergraduate recruitment, enabling us to compete more effectively for the broad range of students we seek.”

This will enable us to better promote some of our signature programs and strongest outcomes. For example, for students who hope to pursue a medical degree, North Park students average an 85% acceptance rate to medical schools, substantially higher than the national average of 46%. “This kind of outcome, which is possible because of our outstanding faculty and top facilities in the Johnson Center, is exciting news for

prospective students and parents. And with the availability of the new Promise Scholarship, North Park can become their top-choice school,” she says.

North Park Promise Scholarships can be funded at these gift levels:

$2,500 per year for four years for a total $10,000 gift

$5,000 per year for four years for a total $20,000 gift

$10,000 a year for four years for a total $40,000 gift

$20,000 a year for four years for a total $80,000 gift

Vital support

The Promise Scholarships join other important ways for donors to provide much-needed scholarship support:

The North Park Fund provides scholarship support to University and Seminary students on an annual basis.

Named, endowed scholarships that distribute student aid annually are created with donor gifts at an initial threshold of $25,000. The principal of the fund remains intact. The principal is invested with the University’s endowment and a portion of the annual drawdown will be available for student scholarship support.

To make your gift, please visit: For more information and assistance, please contact the Office of Advancement at or (773) 244-5790.

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