Program Requirements

Students who complete the major requirements for a bachelor of arts in global studies will develop international and intercultural awareness of global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. This major offers significant choice to focus in disciplines ranging from language or culture to sociology, history, or politics and government.

Major Requirements

Course descriptions for all GBLS courses are available at the bottom of this page. Review the catalog for course descriptions from other disciplines that are given as course options.

Co-requirements for this major:
  • Minor in a foreign language
  • Participate in a foreign study abroad experience in which your chosen minor language is used (minimum of 4 weeks abroad). A semester long program is recommended. Programs shorter than 8 weeks must have advisor approval.
  • Foreign Language Competence at 3150 level
36 semester hours (sh) of major courses:
  • Required core course (8 sh) — GBLS 2130, 4901
  • 16 sh including one capstone course
  • International Service, Justice, and Mission
    • Coursework from — BSE 2110, 2211; BTS 2500, 2640, 2650; COMM 2350; CTS 3000; HIST 2200, 2210; NONP 2710; POGO 2200, 2300; SOC 2090, 3010 or WGS 2010, 2020, 2150
  • International Policy and Economic Development
    • Coursework from BTS, COMM 2010, 2150, 2350; CTS 3010; ENG 20140, 3260, 3270, 3280; HIST, SOC, WGS
  • Capstone Course (one from)
    • BSE 3230; BTS 3000 level; CTS 3400; ENG 3200 Literature level; HIST 3000 level; POGO 3200 or other 3000 level; SOC 3310, 3410, 3800; WGS 3100. This course must be chosen from one of the core course disciplines the student studied. Any appropriate 3910 Topics course in the in the disciplines mentioned could also serve as a capstone course, with the approval of advisors. Area studies:
  • 12 sh from one area studies group: Africana Studies, European Studies, Latino Studies, Middle Eastern Studies
  • A concentration in a geographical region listed must be approved by a Global Studies advisor
  • Notes

Portfolio Requirements: Students will complete a Global Studies portfolio in which the following entries will be mandatory. The portfolio must be handed in before graduation. 

    • Weekly (2–3) entries regarding a service learning, volunteer, or internship experience that requires hands-on exposure in a cross-cultural context. (Could be a part of their foreign study program). Students will seek approval and guidance of the GLBS advisor for such experience. Two entries of a minimum of 250 words of analytical response to at least two presentations on topics of Global and International themes every semester.
    • A final response to a series of reflective questions
      • 1. What is your next step in the development or use of this major?
      • 2. What were your goals upon initiating this program? What goals have you realized, and what experiences were significant?
      • 3. Which goals have not been reached, and why not?
      • 4. What, if any, has been the impact of this major on your personal, intellectual, or spiritual development?
      • 5. Would you recommend this program to another student? Why or why not?
    • A final paper is required as part of the capstone course. It is to be approximately 25 pages in length and is based on methodologies and theories studied in the core disciplines. The paper should address a topic relevant to the capstone course and the study abroad experience of the student. The paper is presented at the Global Studies Tea and included in the student portfolio.

    Course Descriptions

    Click on the links below for course descriptions for all global studies courses. For a complete list of all North Park’s programs and course offerings, review the academic catalog.

GBLS 1000 – Pre-Study Abroad Seminar
The course will help prepare students for the experience of living in another culture. Intended for students who have been accepted to study abroad in an upcoming semester, this pre-departure course is designed to make the study abroad experience more successful and meaningful by introducing participants to a variety of themes and issues related to culture- What is culture? How do my home and host cutures differ? What are my cultural values and how do they impact culture shock? On what are intra- and intercultural commuication based? How can intercultural learning take place? The course also includes basic orientation and health and safety information for particular study abroad sites and programs.

GBLS 2130 – Between Worlds: Language, Culture and Globalization
In our increasingly global world, many students plan to live and work with people who are from other parts of the world. This course will teach global studies majors and foreign language majors essential concepts in becoming broader people, being able to understand and identify with people who live between worlds in the process of globalization. Tutoring recent immigrants to Chicago is an integral part of the course.

GBLS 3910 – Topics in Global Studies
An intensive examination of a selected theme.

GBLS 4901 – Senior Assessment
Portfolio completion, study of critical theory applied to experiences from study abroad, coursework, internships, service learning, etc. Career planning for next steps beyond graduation.

GBLS 4910 – Independent Study in Global Studies
A course of independent research that can be applied to the regional study or the capstone requirement with the consent of the Global Studies Advisor.

GBLS 4970 – Internship in Global Studies
Students work on a local project that clearly reflects a global/international dimension.

Program requirements