For Students: Summer Jobs and Grants

Do you have summer plans?

Work in camping ministry and find amazing opportunities to serve others, build friendships, and grow in your faith. North Park's parent denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, has 21 different camps around the country. Each camp offers adventurous, fun, and challenging summer jobs to college students. Not only will you be role models for the next generation of North Park students, you'll be able to develop skills you can use in any future job or career.

Plus, to thank you for your service in a Covenant camping ministry over the summer, North Park will provide a $750 camp grant to you for the following academic year. 

So, how does the camp grant program work?

The summer 2016 camp grant program is closed. Please check back next year.

First: Meet the camps and apply for a position. North Park University hosts a Camp Fair each year so you can meet representatives from each Covenant camp, learn more about their ministries, and find where you fit best. The 2016 Camp Fair was held January 27.

Once you find where you'd like to be, apply for staff positions directly with the camp. Many offer online applications, or you can apply with representatives at the camp fair. Camp job opportunities vary from camp to camp but may include:

  • Counseling positions for elementary through high school students
  • Worship Leading positions
  • General Maintenance/Work Crew positions
  • Food Service positions
  • Equestrian positions
  • Adventure/Outdoor leadership positions
  • Health Assistant positions
  • Administrative positions

Next: Apply for the camp grant. 

After you have been hired to work at a Covenant camp, you are eligible to apply for the $750 tuition grant. To receive the award, you must work at a camp affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church and be a full time student at North Park University during both the current and next academic years.

  • For the current camp grant cycle, you must be a full-time student during both the 2015–2016 and 2016–2017 school years.
  • You must work at a Covenant camp during the summer of 2016.
  • If you are selected to receive the award and you fulfill all the requirements, the grant will be automatically applied to your tuition bill, half during the next Fall semester and half during the Spring semester.

Finally: Work at camp for the summer and have a blast! We'll look forward to hearing your stories and seeing how your summer at camp has made an impact on you and your campers.

For more information or with any questions, please contact Shari Nordstrom.

Covenant Camp Grant