Advertising (BA, BS)

Why Study Advertising?

Successful advertising understands the needs and wants of consumers—and then responds creatively. Learn how to think critically about culture and communication while also taking into account the nuances of business and the marketplace. A degree in advertising will prepare you for a broad range of careers in agencies, marketing departments in private and nonprofit organizations, media companies, public relations firms, retailers, sports teams, and more.

Degree Options

Choose from bachelor of arts (BA) or bachelor of science (BS) options in advertising. Both degrees will give you an interactive understanding of how the art, business, and communications disciplines work together in this industry. With a BS degree, you can choose elective options to focus on creative production, account management, or market research and consumer behavior.

Core Classes

An undergraduate degree in advertising will introduce you to the most important topics for a successful career. Courses include:

  • Public Relations and Corporate Communication
  • Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy
  • Media and Society
  • Digital Illustration Lab

Courses and Requirements 

Beyond the Classroom

Students can join the Business Club and Nonprofit Leadership Club to participate and connect with other students, provide events and activities to the campus community, visit local businesses and organizations, attend seminars and conferences, and join on- and off-campus community service projects. Put your learning to work outside the classroom.

Business Club 

Nonprofit Leadership Club


Required for the BS degree option—and highly recommended for the BA—an advertising internship in a professional setting will give you valuable experience and networking opportunities. North Park interns have worked at agencies and organizations in the private and nonprofit sectors. Our Career Development and Internship Office will help match you with the best internship for your advertising career goals.

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