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Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Differentiate the professional identity of Clinical Mental Health Counselors from other mental health practitioners.
  2. Analyze the principles of ethical decision making in the practice of professional counseling.
  3. Demonstrate multicultural theory, social justice principles, and advocacy in the practice of counseling.
  4. Apply models of multicultural human development to clinical practice across the lifespan.
  5. Relate career development models to clinical practice with diverse populations.
  6. Compare and contrast relevant theories of counseling practice in appropriate counseling and consultation skills with diverse populations.
  7. Apply group work theories, methods, and skills to clinical practice.
  8. Describe appropriate assessment and appraisal tools within counseling practice.
  9. Implement research in clinical practice and program evaluation to inform their counseling practice.
  10. Deliver clinical mental health services which attend to the developmental, multicultural, relational, and spiritual concerns of clients.