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General Education Program

The School of Professional Studies’ general education programs includes a set of professional studies core courses and other courses that cover a wide range of disciplines and provide a strong liberal arts foundation to accompany any of the SPS majors. Students will earn a bachelor of arts (BA) degree, taking general coursework in religion, mathematics, life and physical sciences, humanities, and fine arts. Learn more about these general education requirements.

Professional Studies Core Courses

All students in the School of Professional Studies will begin their coursework at North Park by taking two core courses that are designed to prepare adult students for the college classroom. They must be successfully completed before you taken any courses for your chosen major.

Strategies and Technologies for Professional Development (GS 2050, 4sh)

Focus on your skills for academic and professional success: communication, technology, problem solving, critical reasoning, and lifelong learning. The course offers the opportunity to reflect on your own personal and professional goals and develop a strategy to achieve those goals. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the people and tools that the School of Professional Studies has to help you throughout your program—including a special welcome from the dean.

Writing for the Disciplines (GS 2080, 4sh)

Develop and hone your written communication skills—one of the most important skills you’ll use in both the classroom and workplace. You’ll learn how to write in multiple styles and recognize what writing style is best suited for different situations. Gain valuable experience in researching, evaluating, and synthesizing other material sources in support of your own ideas.

Capstone Seminar

Taken in the semester before you graduate, this capstone course will revisit the personal and professional development plan you created in the GS 2050 course. You’ll also have the opportunity to reflect on your learning and professional growth during your degree program, examine how you can continue to be a lifelong learner, and provide valuable feedback from your own experience to the School of Professional Studies.