Office of Diversity

The Office of Diversity

The Office of Diversity at North Park University in Chicago aims to create a campus community that helps students of all backgrounds to feel welcome and included. Working with cultural clubs, student success programming and promoting student advocacy are just a few ways we engage our students in pursuing lives of significance and purpose. Visit the Diversity Center, located on the first floor of Sohlberg Hall.

Council for Diversity Equity & Inclusion

The Diversity Support Team is constructed to ensure the appreciation of campus diversity and the adherence to student, staff, and faculty racial equality.

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Diversity Associations

As part of our mission to encourage greater integration of in-class and out-of-class student life, we invite you to get involved with one or more of these student groups.


The Lighthouse Cohort program and scholarship

For first-generation college students interested in becoming urban leaders—you’ll receive advanced leadership and vocational development, academic advising, and additional financial aid.

The Pritzker Access Scholarship

For undocumented students facing financial barriers—you’ll join a community of people like you, and you’ll have support from the beginning with advisors who want you to succeed.

Global Partnership Trips

Experience cross-cultural journeys to explore your faith, worldview, and commitment to a lifestyle of justice through Global Partnerships.

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The Sankofa Experience at North Park University combines readings, films, classes and community meetings concerning social constructions of race and how they impact other identities.

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Upcoming Events

Get together with your fellow students to explore different cultures, learn about social justice issues, and serve the community. Whether you’re a foodie or a film fanatic, you can get involved just doing what you already love or by trying something new!


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