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Core Curriculum Requirements

Use our full guide to the Core Curriculum, which lists the variety of course options that fulfill each requirement below. This guide also contains special notes for students who choose some majors so you can select the most appropriate Core Curriculum courses for your program. This guide, and the outline below, can also be useful when meeting with your faculty advisor to make sure you’re on track with your major and Core Curriculum requirements.

Foundations Courses

These courses should be taken during your first two to three semesters. Each category has multiple course options to meet the requirement, unless otherwise noted with a specific course name.

Cornerstone Seminar (CORE 1000) 4 sh
Biblical Studies — Introduction to the Bible (BTS 1850) is required 4 sh
Health and Well-Being 2 sh
Analytical and Quantitative Reasoning 4 sh
Global Histories — Themes in Global History (HIST 1000) is required 4 sh
Modern Languages (2 courses in the same language to meet proficiency requirement) 8 sh
Total Foundations Credits 26 sh

Explorations Courses

A variety of courses meet the requirements in each of these areas.

Aesthetic Interpretation and the Arts 2 sh
Christian Life and Thought 4 sh
Life Science 2 sh
Physical Science 2 sh
Culture and Society 4 sh
Ethical Reasoning (may be a major-specific course) 2 sh
Total Explorations Credits 16 sh

Writing Curriculum Requirements

Courses within your major will be designated to meet these requirements, or you may choose designated courses from another department under consultation with your faculty advisor.

Writing Intensive Course 4 sh
Research Writing Course 4 sh

Keystone Courses

This course should be taken in your junior or first semester of your senior year.

Keystone Seminar (CORE 3000) 4 sh


Course Descriptions

Click on the links below for course descriptions of the Cornerstone and Keystone courses. For a complete list of all North Park’s programs and course offerings, review the academic catalog.