Graphic Design

Concentration in Art (BA)

Why Study Graphic Design?

As one of the concentrations in the art major at North Park, graphic design will teach you to become a good visual and verbal communicator and a flexible, creative thinker who considers new ideas that others might not see.


36 hours of major coursework
12 credits co-requirements
46 Core Curriculum hours
120 total credits for graduation
Full program requirements

Faculty Spotlight: Maya Durham Rayner

Maya Durham Rayner’s practice often uses a scientific aesthetic and procedures of analysis, ordering, and experimentation to explore different cultural structures through installation, photography, print, and video work.


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Chicago: An Artist’s City

Some of the world’s most renowned art museums are just a train ride away. The city of Chicago offers many internship opportunities, evocative public art installations and architectural styles, access to professional artists, and a range of gallery and museum field experiences.

Graphic Design: Art and Business

A graphic designer needs to know how to communicate ideas and how to function individually and within a team. You’ll supplement your art coursework with business and communications classes, learning the history of public media and the business savvy needed to enter the workplace. Learn more about the courses and requirements for this concentration.


Our program requires students who concentrate in graphic design to participate in an internship, which will help build your resume and portfolio. Faculty will help you find an internship that suits your interests. Students have held internships at advertising agencies, small graphic design firms, nonprofit organizations, and other institutions.

Interesting Classes

You will take the following specialized courses in addition to core fine arts and art history classes:

  • Introduction to Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Advanced Graphic Design
  • Digital Illustration Lab
  • Digital Imaging Lab

Junior Critique

During your junior year, you will receive direct feedback on your work to date from faculty and your peers, plus mentoring on how to focus your efforts going forward. Throughout your time at North Park, faculty will take this type of vested interest in you and your goals.

Senior Show: Professional Portfolio

Senior art majors who concentrate in graphic design participate in the Senior Show during their final semester. You’ll create an artist’s statement and cohesive body of work. You will professionally display your work publicly in the Carlson Tower Art Gallery. This will become part of your portfolio in your job search.