Biology (BA, BS)

Why Study Biology?

Biologists study life in all of its forms, from microscopic organisms to marine plants to the complex structure and function of the human body. By studying biology, you will learn how to apply the scientific method to unlock the divine mysteries of the natural world through topics like molecular and biology, human anatomy, botany, zoology, ecology, and microbiology. Majoring in biology will prepare you for advanced graduate study in areas like medicine, genetics, biotechnology, science education, and more.

Faculty Spotlight:
Dr. Drew Rholl

Dr. Rholl’s interactive classes and group research projects are designed to help students learn and apply scientific methods to better understand the natural world. One such project students are involved in is his collaborative research with Dr. Matthew Schau on tick-borne pathogens in the Chicago area.

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Pre-Professional Preparation

Prepare for medical, dental, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or veterinary school with a biology major and our one of our pre-professional tracks. You’ll complete a recommended set of courses alongside your major and be advised on how to get the experience you need to be a standout among applicants.

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Travel Courses: Research in Paradise

Field research is the best way to see biology in action. Every year, the biology department organizes research trips to exotic locations like Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Taiwan. In these for-credit courses, students are immersed in the ecology and culture of the country with the help of North Park professors and local experts.

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Alumni Profile

Alum Becky Morrison’s opportunity to research alongside faculty members, as well as the advising relationships she built with her professors, prepared her for a master’s program in microbiology and a career as a scientist.

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Alumni Graduate Schools

  • Rush University Medical Center
  • Mayo
  • Rosalind Franklin
  • Loyola University, Chicago
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Minnesota

Learn to Write Like a Scientist

Successful biologists understand how to communicate clearly and effectively through scientific writing. We developed the Writing Advisor program in the Biology department to pair first-year biology majors with junior and senior scientific writing mentors. Get personalized feedback on lab reports and research abstracts to better understand how scientific writing is structured and how scientific concepts are explained.

Biology Honor Club

Every spring, a new group of high-achieving biology students are invited to join the TriBeta Biology Honor Club. Members gather regularly for meals, research discussions, outdoor exploration, guest speakers, and trips.