Politics and Government (BA)

Why Study Politics and Government?

Get the education you need for a life of public service with a degree in politics and government. You’ll improve your writing and research skills, gain analytical proficiency, and develop communication abilities that will serve you in careers in federal and local government, legislative offices, or law practices. You’ll be prepared to work with political campaigns, voter mobilization efforts, and international humanitarian and nonprofit organizations, or go to law school.

Interesting Classes

In Public Opinion and Survey Research Methods, you’ll get hands-on experience by surveying your peers and gauging their knowledge and involvement in a range of important topics, including politics and religion. Collecting and analyzing this data will give you practical tools for survey development and analysis.


Alumni Profile

As a senior humanitarian policy advisor for World Vision’s London offices, Johan Eldebo C’07 says that he learned many of the skills he now relies on in his politics and government courses.


Law Pre-Professional Program

Prepare for law school and a legal career with a politics and government major and our pre-professional track for law. You’ll complete a recommended set of courses alongside your major and be advised by Dr. Jon Peterson on how to get the experience you need to pass the LSAT and be a standout among law school applicants.


Beyond the Classroom

Enhance your education through a variety of co- and extracurricular opportunities, including: