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Chicago to Jönköping: North Park University's Oldest Exchange Program

North Park has a strong commitment to study abroad programs in Scandinavia. The Group Exchange Program with Södra Vätterbygdens Folkhögskola (SVF) in Jönköping, Sweden, is North Park's oldest exchange program, running continuously for over 30 years and boasting over three hundred alumni on both sides of the Atlantic. Each fall, approximately 15 North Park students study at SVF together with a cohort of 15 Swedish students. In the spring semester, all 30 students return to Chicago to continue studies at North Park University.

Students with at least one year of college-level Swedish may apply to the SVF program and earn credits that apply to their North Park degrees. While in Sweden, language study is emphasized, with about half of the North Park student's course load devoted to Swedish. Other subject areas include international politics, Scandinavian history and culture, and history of the Mediterranean world. Culturally, students have many opportunities to travel in Sweden and to other parts of Europe, learning about modern European life alongside their Swedish peers.

Bilateral Exchanges

North Park students can also take advantage of other academic programs in Scandinavia with which the University has structured exchange programs, including:

  • Jönköping University’s schools of international business, health sciences, and education and communication (Sweden)
  • University of Tampere (Finland)
  • University of Bergen (Norway)
  • University of Iceland and the University of Akureyri (Iceland)

International Student Exchange Programs

North Park is a member of the International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) consortium, a worldwide network for international education, consisting of more than 300 member colleges and universities in the United States and more than 40 other countries. Students interested in Scandinavian language and culture study may benefit from semester- or year-long programs in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, or Sweden.

For more information about all international study opportunities, Evelyn Mancilla, assistant director, or Sumie Song, director, in the International Office.