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Modern Language Placement Exam

In order to fulfill the modern language requirement at North Park, you will need to decide if you want to continue in a language previously studied or know, or begin a new language. You must be proficient through the 1020 level to meet the modern language Core Curriculum requirement.

Beginning a New Modern Language

You will begin with level 1010 and then continue on to level 1020.

Previously Studied Modern Language

When you register for your first semester, you will be placed into a modern language level based on the number of years you have previously studied that language.

  • If you have more than 2 years of a high school language you should not register for the 1010 level of that language. Modern language 1010 and 1020 must be taken in sequence, preferably during your first year.
  • If you feel that you can test higher than the course placement mentioned above, you may take a Modern Language Placement Exam (see below).
  • You may not test backwards and place into a lower level course.

Modern Language Placement Exams

Modern Language Placement Exams measure whether you have the language skills equivalent to those of students who have taken first-year university modern language 1010 and/or 1020.

  • The exam will test your listening and reading comprehension, as well as basic culture and civilization knowledge. Contact Academic Engagement for more information about exam content.
  • By placing out of the Core Curriculum requirement, you fulfill the modern language requirement at North Park University. You do not receive credit for work done in high school. If your preparation is sufficient, and if you are a global studies major, an international business major, or planning on major/minoring in the language, you can take advantage of credit by examination to earn credit for courses above the 1020 level. Intermediate language credit is also available through CLEP examinations.
  • Language Placement Exams are offered and evaluated by the Department of Modern Languages. A placement examination will be available during Threshold and/or the first week of each semester.
  • If you have Advanced Placement credit in a modern language, please see the chair of the Department of Modern Languages during registration.

Guidelines and policies are subject to change without notification.