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Michael Drake

Director of International Recruitment

Admissions Territory: International Students

Office phone: 773-244-5501
Cell phone: 872-772-9639

Brady Martinson

Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Office phone: 773-244-6203
Cell phone: 872-772-9641

Erin Matonte

Assistant Director of School of Music, Art, and Theatre Recruitment

Admissions Territory: First-Year & Transfer Students—SMAT Majors

Schedule an appt. with Erin

Office phone: 773-244-4583
Cell phone: 872-242-5088

Ja’Vida Morris

Associate Director of Admissions Services

Reviews Applications for Admission Decision

Office phone: 773-244-5503
Cell phone: 872-772-9643

Malcolm Parker

Associate Director of Transfer Admissions

Admissions Territory: Transfer Students—Chicago; Transfer Students—Non-Illinois

Schedule an appt. with Malcolm

Office phone: 773-244-5220
Cell phone: 872-722-9647

Ashley Enriquez

Transfer Admissions Counselor

Admissions Territory: Transfer Students—Illinois (Non-Chicago), SPS—College of DuPage

Schedule an appt. with Ashley

Office phone: 773-244-4583
Cell phone: 872-242-5088

Pete Miller

Assistant Director of Recruitment

Admissions Territory: First-Year—Chicago, North Side; First-Year—Out of State, Eastern; Graduate—Education majors

Schedule an appt. with Pete

Office phone: 773-244-5521
Cell phone: 872-722-9644

Genesis Rivera

Admissions Counselor

Admissions Territory: First-Year—Chicago, West & Northwest; First-Year and Transfer—Covenant & Legacy

Schedule an appt. with Gen

Office phone: 773-244-4763
Cell phone: 872-772-9640

Adrian Salinas

Admissions Counselor

Admissions Territory: First-Year—Chicago, South & Southwest, Illinois Downstate, Chicago College Readiness

Schedule an appt. with Adrian

Office phone: 773-244-5516
Cell phone: 872-772-9646

Ramon Palma

Admissions Counselor

Admissions Territory: First-Year—Chicago, South & Southwest Suburbs; First-Year—Out of State, Western States

Schedule an appt. with Ramon

Office phone: 773-244-5574
Cell phone: 872-772-9637

Daniel Greaves

Admissions Counselor

Admissions Territory: First-Year—Illinois, North Suburbs; First-Year—Out of State, MI & WI

Office phone: 773-244-5782

Miakala Rath

Event & Visit Manager

Office phone: 773-224-5511