Archival Collections

Covenant Archives and Historical Library

The Covenant Archives contains the administrative records of the Evangelical Covenant Church and North Park University. Our collections include the correspondence, minutes, and reports of various denominational and university departments, as well as microfilmed pre-1930 records of several hundred individual Covenant churches.

In addition to institutional records, we collect personal correspondence, diaries, photographs, audio and video recordings, and other documentary materials pertaining to the activities of North Park University and the Evangelical Covenant Church.

The Historical Library includes the published works of the denomination, Covenant authors, and Swedish-language newspapers relating to our history.

Resources for Local Churches

To support local congregations within the Evangelical Covenant Church, the Commission on Covenant History has produced a guide to archives and a guide to oral history projects for local churches. Both are freely available on the Evangelical Covenant Church website.

Digital Collections

Frisk Collection of Covenant Literature

This collection makes accessible hard-to-find original publications that are considered to be key texts in the formation and growth of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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Frisk Collection of Covenant Yearbooks

The Covenant Yearbook is a record of the Evangelical Covenant Church and contains reports from the administrative offices, mission fields, conferences, and the educational and benevolent institutions of the denomination

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Historical Photograph Collection

This collection contains digital images of North Park University and the Evangelical Covenant Church. Photographs of the Evangelical Covenant Church depict founders of the denomination, church members, leaders, missionaries, events, buildings, and activities both nationally and internationally.

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Covenant Church Anniversary Books

This collection gathers commemorative and anniversary books and booklets published by various local congregations.

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Friends of World Mission Brochures

This collection presents a series of brochures published by Friends of World Mission, started in 1965 to raise funds for projects that furthered ministry in locations where missionaries of the Evangelical Covenant Church were serving.

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Frisk Collection of Alaska Mission Journals

This collection presents English- and Swedish-language diaries and logbooks kept by Evangelical Covenant Church missionaries in Alaska during the period 1893 to 1915, along with several English translations of the Swedish originals.

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Frisk Collection of Our Covenant

Our Covenant is an annual periodical published by the Evangelical Covenant Church between 1927 and 1964. Originally published “for the purpose of bringing our young people a more intimate knowledge of our Covenant Church”, this thirty-six volume illustrated series includes a wide a variety of content, including poems, essays, biographies, reports, obituaries of Covenant ministers, lists of ordinands, and statistics.

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Missionären (The Missionary) was the first official news organ of the Evangelical Covenant Church and was published from 1894 until 1905. This publication included letters from missionaries, reports on the young denomination’s institutions and organizations, conference reports and minutes, short essays, sermons, photographs, illustrations, and poetry.

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Narthex is a topical theological journal starting in 1981 and ending publication in 1992. North Park Theological Seminary faculty conceived Narthex as a means of discussing current issues within the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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Oral History Collection

The Oral History Collection provides firsthand accounts of the life and growth of the Evangelical Covenant Church and North Park University. These interviews cover a wide range of topics including personal recollections, family histories, faith journeys, and missionary activity around the globe

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Phoebe is the official publication of the Covenant Women’s Auxiliary, founded in 1916 as a means to unify the efforts of women to support the work of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Published between 1921 and 1956, Phoebe contains reports on the work and finances of Covenant Women’s Auxiliary at the national and local level, membership lists, photographs, and short essays.

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