Living Areas

Living Areas

North Park’s on-campus living options include residence halls, apartments, and houses. No matter where you live, you’ll benefit from the security, community, and amenities offered by the University.

Campus Amenities

  • Dining on Campus: All students have access to our full-service dining hall, a grab-and-go shop in Viking Café, and Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Bickner Bistro
  • Campus Wireless Network: All living areas are covered by North Park’s WiFi, along with all campus classrooms, offices, Brandel Library, and even some of the outdoor spaces
  • Computers: Each residence hall has a computer lounge with a printer and computers for residents to use. More public-use computers are available for use within Brandel Library, including laptops
  • Information Technology: North Park’s IT department is available to answer your questions about computers, software, and connecting to the campus network

Modular Furniture

The furniture in Ohlson House, Anderson Hall, Burgh Hall, Park North, and Sawyer Court is movable and stackable which allows you to loft the furniture. Here is a video that shows you what you can do with the furniture in the room. The video has a few more furniture pieces than you will have but it does give you a good visual of all the options.

We recommend that you discuss lofting options with your roommate. It also might be helpful to live in the room to figure out what option might be best for you.

Anderson Hall

Located on the south side of campus, Anderson Hall is a single gender residence hall that houses up to 228 women—mostly freshmen and sophomores—on six floors.

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Burgh Hall

Overlooking the river on the west, Burgh Hall is a co-ed hall that houses up to 200 students—mostly freshmen and sophomores—on four floors, separated by gender.

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Ohlson House

A renovated apartment building with capacity for 136 students—mostly sophomores—, Ohlson House offers double, triple, and some single rooms, each with its own character and design.  Ohlson house also hosts the CRUX program.

Explore Ohlson House

Park North

Park North is a co-ed apartment building that houses up to 70 students, mixing the best of a traditional residence hall with the independence of apartment living.

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Sawyer Court

An apartment building housing up to 100 students, Sawyer Court is home primarily to juniors and seniors and is located just south of the central campus.

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Apartments and Houses

After two years in our residence halls, many students choose to live in one of the 90-plus University-owned apartments and houses in our neighborhood.

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Residence Life Staff

Find the Area Coordinator for your building.

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Safety and Security

The security of our students and campus is of utmost importance to North Park University. From key-card lock access to buildings to continuous patrols by professional safety officers, and the Viking Shuttles to personal safety apps for student phones, North Park provides a wealth of resources to keep you safe.

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