Debra Auger

Students’ experiences at North Park Theological Seminary are bookended by conversations with Rev. Debra Auger. She welcomes new students for orientation and guides graduating students in the call to ministry process. “Orientation is about developing a sense of hospitality for all students and creating a place of welcome,” she says. Similarly, when students are nearing completion of their degree program, Auger meets with each student to hear their story so that she can advocate for them with Evangelical Covenant Church conference superintendents in the call process.

In her role at North Park, Auger walks alongside students to help create a culture of balance and a well-integrated whole life. Auger appreciates having the opportunity to foster students’ healthy habits and community life. “At North Park, students get a rigorous theological education, but it’s about more than academia. It’s about taking what you’re learning and incorporating that into all of who you are, so you become not just a more capable theologian, but a person who more deeply lives out the gospel,” she says.


Inspirations & Interests

Evangelical Covenant Church – Rev. Auger became a spiritual director and ordained to word and sacrament.