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Elizabeth Fedec

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

Elizabeth Fedec, Dean of Students, began her career at North Park in the admissions office where she discovered her desire for teaching and interacting with students. Returning to North Park after teaching a year of English in Hungary, she worked in the Office of Student Success where she enjoyed helping students navigate the college experience. Now, she serves as the Dean of Students. “Every student is trying to figure out who they are and where their place is. They are facing major life decisions with majors, jobs, relationships, and more,” says Dean Fedec, who cares for her students through personal relationships and connections.

Dean Fedec works closely with faculty and staff to ensure student success and wellness. “We’re all in this to help our students graduate,” she says. “This sometimes means walking alongside them and listening, and connecting them to other resources on campus,” she adds. She believes that college is an opportunity for students to figure out their own place as they explore new hobbies and jobs.

Being the Dean of Students means spending most of her time interacting with young adults on a leadership level to help them pursue their interests. Her favorite parts of being at North Park is mentoring students and watching them grow. She knows that “some people only see me as the person who deals with student conduct, but I hope they see Christ’s love and that I respect them and want to hear their side of the story. I hope students understand they are a child of God and that I do see that and I will do my best to support them.”