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Linda Vick

Professor of Biology

Dr. Linda Vick has been teaching at North Park since 1976 and is now seeing the next generation of students whose parents were also students in her classroom. Over the years teaching at North Park, Dr. Vick has seen first-hand transformation on-campus, including her lab and classroom space moving from 1967’s Carlson Tower to 2014’s state-of-the-art Johnson Center for Science and Community Life. But what does remain, is keeping the study of the environment a priority. In the Bio Diversity and Urban Ecology courses, students study the ethical implications of scientific discovery. As part of North Park’s experiential learning philosophy, Dr. Vick brings her students on trips both near and far to learn about cultures within their natural setting and observe the habitat and cultural resilience. The most popular course Dr. Vick teaches is Marine Biology where students travel together to the Bahamas to complete their major. Other popular courses include Histology and Medical Terminology which relate well to pre-med students.

Being referred to as Dr. Vick is suitable but for this seasoned professor teaching to undergraduate sophomores thru seniors is not opposed to being called by her first name.