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Mary Chase-Ziolek

Lecturer Seminary

Professor Mary Chase-Ziolek enjoys making connections between concepts and people. In teaching Population-based Healthcare for graduate nurses she and her students examine the changing role of hospitals in the health of their communities. In Stewarding Creation: Justice, Food and Health, a class she teaches in the seminary, students relate faith and food and look at how various congregations are living out that connection in their own contexts. Her students also regularly make use of Chicago as a classroom. Graduate nursing students are involved in a population assessment and project that engages them with particular neighborhoods or suburbs.

Chase-Ziolek’s professional experience has focused on faith and health ministries since 1991, when she served as the coordinator of geriatric health ministry at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Chase-Ziolek has also managed several clinics and work for community organizations that include the Japanese American Service Committee and the Counsel for Jewish Elderly.

Recent Publications

(Re)Claiming the Church’s Role in Promoting Health: A Practical Framework

Journal of Christian Nursing, 32,(2), 100-107

Journal of Community Health Nursing

Journal of Christian Nursing

Public Health Nursing

Transcultural Nursing

Book: Health, Healing, and Wholeness: Engaging Congregations in Ministries of Health, 2005

Popular Courses

  • Population-based Healthcare
  • Stewarding Creation: Justice, Food and Health

Inspirations & Interests

Chase-Ziolek is an enthusiastic vegetable gardener in her Chicago backyard. A good meal to her is knowing the source of at least half of the food.