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Nicole McMillian

Assistant Professor Nicole McMillian was inspired to become a nursing educator by professors who challenged and supported her during her studies. “I am most passionate about my students. I love seeing them grow throughout their time at North Park. I want to challenge them to think outside of the box, to find the resources they need, and to advocate for themselves and their patients,” she says.

McMillian provides multiple hands-on lessons for students to engage. During the first week of a maternity course, students practice nursing skills in “boot camp” style. Throughout the rest of the course, students gain firsthand experience in hospital settings by learning from maternity nurses, attending births, and performing newborn assessments.

She encourages students to take advantage of North Park’s close-knit, diverse community. Under her guidance, students lead lives of significance and service learning how to interact with interdisciplinary teams, administer medications, provide patient education, and safely and ethically care for patients and their families.