Professor of Missiology

Paul De Neui

Professor of Missiology

Dr. Paul de Neui is a world traveler and knows the importance of a well-planned journey. “For some, the imagery is a wilderness but, it is a journey for all,” he says. Significant time is spent by faculty with students in the discernment process to monitor a student’s call and progress during the seminary career.

“At North Park Theological Seminary, the faculty, staff, and student community support students in this process. But students must take the initiative to build relationships, find mentors, seek out spiritual directors, and discern in the company of others what is best for them along the way,” he says.

All North Park students are required to have an intercultural ministry experience, and De Neui promotes intercultural competency as an integral piece of the seminary process. His students interact with neighboring communities of different faiths, focusing on developing Christian hospitality. Each year, De Neui offers at least one travel course, taking students to explore Christian faith outside of their home context.

De Neui is ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church and served as a vocational missionary in Thailand from 1987–2005.

Recent Publications

, Paul  and Deborah Penny. “Developing a Cultural Competency Module to Facilitate Christian Hospitality and Promote Pastoral Practices in a Multifaith Society.” Theological Education, 57 (2) 57–60. 2013.

De Neui, Paul. “The Man Behind the Image: Discovering God’s Process in Forming Father Abraham.” Covenant Companion, CI (2) 16–20. 2012.

De Neui, Paul. Developing Leaders in the Buddhist Context. (Editor). Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library, 2012.

Inspirations & Interests

Dr. Paul de Neui participates in the Seminary Gospel Choir.