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Robert Hostetter

Lecturer in Communications Arts

Dr. Robert Hostetter chose to teach at North Park because of its commitment to Christian values, justice, and social change, and its cultural engagement with the city of Chicago.

Through using the city as an extended classroom, Hostetter takes advantage of the rich cultural landscape so students can fully engage in their studies and apply it to their own lives and experiences. He also regularly assigns his students to see theatre and other performances throughout the city.

Hostetter encourages discussions of faith and belief through the questions, topics, and structure of his classes. “I am especially drawn to the biblical injunction to love one’s neighbor as one’s self,” he says. “This commitment to empathy, intercultural dialogue, and social justice appears in the courses I teach.”

His interest extends to his research on the Arab-Israeli Conflict. He is currently working on a book and performance based on interviews with individuals who are involved with peacekeeping efforts in the region.

Recent Publications

Robert Hostetter. “From the Heart of the Heart of Learning.” InSpirituality, Action & Pedagogy: Teaching from the Heart, edited by Diana Denton and Will Ashton. New York: Peter Lang, 2004.


Professor Hostetter taught a graduate course and gave a public lecture on “Dialogues for a Just Peace in Israel-Palestine.”

Popular Courses

Intro Conflict Transformation: because everyone needs more help for understanding the positive and negative aspects of conflict.Dramatic Writing I and II: because the hard work is fun and it is very satisfying to complete screenplays and stage plays.

Intro to Performance Studies: because students gain valuable experience in making public presentations, including various forms of storytelling, poetry, and experimental presentations.

International Conflict Transformation: students are deeply moved by our two case studies–the conflicts in Israel-Palestine and Northern Ireland. The most profound experience is our two-week study trip to Northern Ireland.

Inspirations & Interests

Favorite undergraduate experiences including absorbing literature in English major and learning to direct plays. Recent reading has been focused on the confluence of conflict, justice, peace, and reconciliation.