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Sunshine Silver

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Because of her love of problem-solving, the subject of chemistry captured Dr. Sunshine Silver’s attention at an early age. “Throughout my life and career as a chemist,” says Dr. Silver, “I’ve learned that the best problem-solving occurs when people of varying backgrounds, experiences, and ideas can work together toward a common goal.”

In the classroom, Dr. Silver’s students experience this process through her encouragement of working together to solve problems and share ideas. “There is nothing quite like the scientific discovery process,” she claims.

The Johnson Center for Science and Community Life—with its state-of-the-art labs and classrooms—is a key component for student success in North Park’s science programs. According to Dr. Silver, the wonderful facilities and instrumentation available to North Park’s students will prepare them for graduate school or a future career in science.

As faculty advisor for the Chemistry Club, Dr. Silver also works with students as they identify careers in areas that they’re passionate about. “In addition to graduate school,” she says, “there are many options for our students, including research, health science, crime lab assistant, laboratory technician or coordinator, pharmacist, chemical sales representative, chemical information specialist, and more.”

Recent Publications

Sunshine C. Silver, David J. Gardenghi, Sunil G. Naik, Eric M. Shepard, Boi Hanh Huynh, Robert K. Szilagyi, and Joan B. Broderick. “Combined Mössbauer Spectroscopic, Multi-edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic, and Density Functional Theoretical Study of the Radical SAM Enzyme Spore Photoproduct Lyase.” Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry, vol 19 (2014): 465–483.

Sunshine C. Silver, Jens Niklas, Pingwu Du, Oleg G. Poluektov, David M. Tiede, and Lisa M. Utschig. “Protein Delivery of a Nickel Catalyst to Photosystem I for Light Driven Hydrogen Production.”Journey of the American Chemical Society, vol 135 (2013): 13246–13249.

Nada M. Dimitrijevic, Sanja Tepavcevic, Tijana Rajh, Sunshine C. Silver, and David M. Tiede. “Nanostructured TiO2/Polypyrrole for Visible Light Photocatalysis.” Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol 117 (2013): 15540–15544.