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Theodoros Zervas

Professor of Education / Coordinator of MATC

Born in Chicago to immigrant parents from Greece, Dr. Ted Zervas has always been interested in national identity formation. An expert in comparative and international education whose work has been published in both the United States and Europe, Dr. Zervas is also an avid traveler and served as a visiting professor at a university in Mexico. At North Park, he brings this passion for multiculturalism to the classroom.

“Students in the School of Education are from a variety of social and cultural backgrounds,” Dr. Zervas says. He enjoys the individual attention that faculty are able to give students at North Park, as well as the opportunities for valuable urban educational experience that the campus location affords. “Students are placed in Chicago public schools for their practicum experiences,” he says.

As coordinator of the master of arts in teaching with certification program, Dr. Zervas works with students who are completing requirements for an Illinois teaching certificate. After completing the program, his students have pursued doctoral programs and have rewarding careers as educators. “In addition to teaching in Illinois, some have gone out to teach in international schools around the world,” he says.

Recent Publications

Formal and Informal Education During the Rise of Greek Nationalism: Learning to be Greek

H Διαμόρφωση Της Νεοελληνικής Ταυτότητας: Εκπαίδευση, εθνικισμός και διδασκαλία της ιστορίας του ελληνικού έθνους

Theodore Zervas. The Making of a Modern Greek Identity: Education, Nationalism, and the Teaching of a Greek National Past. New York: East European Monographs: Columbia University Press, 2012.

Theodore Zervas. “National Identity and Education in the Early Modern State of Greece.” Historical Yearbook vol 7 (Dec. 2010): 139–160.

Theodore Zervas. “Greek Identity Without Borders: Some Critical Thoughts on Greek Education and the Future of a Greek Identity.”Renaissance (May–June 2008).

Popular Courses

  • Introduction to Teaching
  • Comparative and International Education