Jonkoping University Pathway

Your Pathway to North Park University

Study English in Sweden.

Earn Your Degree in Chicago.

Jönköping University and Jönköping University Enterprise (JUE) in collaboration with North Park University (NPU) have created a joint Pathway Program, designed for international students as a bridge towards a bachelor’s degree at North Park University.

The NPU-JUE Pathway Program is designed to prepare international students academically to enter the four-year English-taught bachelor’s programs at NPU. The emphasis is building a solid academic foundation for success in higher education, becoming familiar with American life and culture, and improving English competency and proficiency.

The program also introduces students to American society and culture while supporting a solid academic foundation necessary to thrive in university. Classes for the Pathway Program will be held at Jönköping University in Sweden, at the campus in Gränna, the campus in Jönköping, or online.

Start Date: August 28, 2023



Is the Pathway Program Right for Me?

All-English environments can be intimidating and challenging for those whose primary language is not English.  Because of this NPU has strict English proficiency requirements that are often difficult to achieve without some added training. Additionally, the education system itself is uniquely different—requiring skills that you may not have developed yet. If you want to improve your English while also preparing for the challenges of a new academic system, then the NPU–Jönköping Pathway program is right for you! If you meet the following criteria, you could be a great candidate:

  • You have a high school diploma and your equivalent language test score is below the level that NPU requires (IELTS 6.0/TOEFL 68 or equivalent). You must have a minimum IELTS 5.0 or equivalent to be eligible for the Pathway Program.

Progression to NPU

When you apply to the NPU-JUE Pathway Program, you will also be pre-assessed for eligibility for our bachelor programs. When admitted to Jönköping University Enterprise you will receive confirmation of a study place at North Park University on the condition that you pass all your Pathway courses. You will officially apply to NPU in the spring. You must successfully complete the Pathway Program before you can be officially admitted to NPU.

A Swedish Tradition

At JU you will immerse in the English language and Swedish culture. You’ll continue to build on that experience as you earn your degree from a university in Chicago that traces its roots to Sweden. North Park has many Swedish students, is located in a historically Swedish neighborhood, and has many partnerships in Sweden.

A Multicultural Experience

While the Pathway program is rooted in Swedish tradition, you will also have many opportunities to engage with other cultures from the US and beyond. Both North Park and the JU Pathway enroll students from all over the world, so you’ll gain strong cross-cultural competencies and graduate as a unique and desirable member of the workforce.

Program Tracks

We have developed two tracks and your track is determined by your English language proficiency level.

NPU-JU English Track

(Entry level IELTS 5.0 or equivalent)

Autumn Semester
  • English 1 (20 credits)
  • Life & Studies in America 1 (2.5 credits)
  • Mathematics 1 (7.5 credits)

Spring Semester
  • English 2 (20 credits)
  • Life & Studies in America 2 (2.5 credits)
  • Intercultural & International Communication (7.5 credits)

NPU-JU General Track

(Entry level IELTS 5.5 or equivalent)

Autumn Semester
  • English 2 (20 credits)
  • Life & Studies in America 1 (2.5 credits)
  • Mathematics 1 (7.5 credits)

Spring Semester
  • Intercultural & International Communication (7.5 credits)
  • Gender Geographies (7.5 credits)
  • Culture & Society in the English Language (7.5 credits)
  • Practical English (7.5 credits)

Spring semester electives total 30 credits. Choices may vary depending on course offering.

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