Campus Safety and Security

North Park University is committed to the safety and well being of our students, faculty, and staff. Our team of professional security personnel includes an experienced director with senior-command experience and off-duty police officers from local city, suburban, and state police organizations. These women and men provide 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week security service to our campus, regularly checking in at all residence halls and campus buildings. They are a familiar presence, and work hard to know and be known as a resource by students, faculty, and staff.

The University is also prepared to facilitate calm, quick, and effective responses during emergency situations, which could range from individual safety incidences for students to campus-wide events like the loss of utilities, natural disasters, or medical epidemics. Our Emergency Management Team is committed to providing timely information and guiding emergency responses to keep our community safe.

Use the links below to learn more about the ways North Park University works to maintain the safety and security of our entire campus and each individual in the community.

Students Communing

About Campus Security

Our Campus Safety and Security team is on duty 24-hours-a-day to ensure the safety of North Park students, faculty, and staff.
LiveSafe App

LiveSafe Response Safety App

New for the 2014–2015 academic year, this smartphone app helps students notify emergency services if they are ever in trouble. It is offered free to students, faculty, and staff.
Old Main at Night

Viking Shuttle and Security Escort Service

New for Fall 2014, the Viking Shuttle is a convenient and free vehicle service designed to keep students, faculty, and staff safe as they move about campus from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am. Outside of shuttle hours, Security Escorts are still available for individuals in need.
Carmen Apartments

Personal Safety Tips

Learn what you can do to ensure your personal safety in residence halls and campus apartments, and while walking or driving in Chicago.
ROTC Scholarship Information

Emergency Communications and Procedures

North Park University is prepared to communicate with our students and other constituents through a variety of channels in the event of an emergency. We also offer a variety of procedural guidelines for possible emergency situations.
Students Talking

Campus Resources

Learn who to call for emergency and non-emergency situations on campus and where emergency resources are located.
Community Bulletin

Campus Safety and Security Report

This PDF download outlines important information regarding campus safety and security. It is updated yearly.