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Campus Safety Report

In compliance with federal reporting regulations, North Park University provides an annual report that discusses the steps we take to provide a safe and secure learning and working environment. In it, you will find information covering:

  • Reporting security incidents
  • Our relationship with local law enforcement
  • Training and crime prevention initiatives
  • Crime, alcohol, and drug definitions
  • Policy against rape and sexual violence
  • Alcohol and drug policies, health effects, and sanctions
  • Policy against discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and retaliation

This report also details statics for the three most recent calendar years on criminal activity on and around our campus. At the end of the Safety Report, you will find the campus Fire Safety Report, including fire prevention and response mechanisms for each of our campus residential facilities.

The Office of Campus Safety is committed to leading efforts to provide a safe and secure campus, including enforcing prohibitions against drug and alcohol use on campus. However, safety is a shared responsibility: each of us has an obligation to safeguard the welfare of every other community member. One of the best ways to eliminate crime is to be aware and take precautions to protect yourself and your belongings. The University is also committed to minimizing criminal opportunities wherever possible. The Campus Safety Report, as well as the website, outline special security services, policies, and procedures have been established to help educate the community about safety, awareness, institutional policies, and resources related to safety. We hope that you will use this information to foster a safe environment for yourself and others.

Download the 2023 Campus Safety and Security Report and Fire Safety Report