Strategic Goals

In order to claim our “space,” during the years of this strategic plan North Park University will advance its mission through the creation and enhancement of structures, programs, and practices that focus resources and actions on the core values of the University learning community—distinctively Christian, intentionally urban, and purposefully multicultural (as described more fully on the preceding pages). Accordingly, over the five years covered by this plan the University will seek to fulfill the following strategic goals consistent with the objectives and ideals described heretofore.

Missional Goals

Academic Programs

In all academic programs (both classroom-based and online), North Park University will support a high quality learning community which advances intellectual challenge, open inquiry, collaborative scholarship, global engagement, leadership development, and reflective service, and which fosters the spiritual development, urban engagement, and cultural competence of students, faculty, and staff.

Student Engagement

North Park University will foster out-of-class learning environments which actively cultivate the students’ faith development, embrace the urban context, and reflect the University’s commitment to cultural competence.

Chicago Connections

North Park University will recognize and embrace the city of Chicago as a rich resource for learning by pursuing partnerships for learning, service, and vocational development with diverse civic, business, educational, religious, and cultural institutions and organizations throughout the city, inclusive of the city’s global and multinational population.

Institutional Effectiveness

North Park University will encourage a pervasive campus culture that embraces review and renewal through careful planning, comprehensive assessment, and change.

Operational Goals


Consistent with the available infrastructure and capacity of the institution, North Park University will achieve annual enrollment growth in each curricular segment (traditional undergraduates, adult undergraduates, graduates, and seminarians) sufficient to (a) financially sustain institutional operations, (b) provide a critical mass for enhanced student experiences and resources, and (c) embody the University’s commitment to multicultural inclusion.

Constituency Relations

North Park University will provide a coordinated and highly effective university advancement program which (a) builds mission-based transformational fund-raising and philanthropic support, (b) maintains a close tie with the Covenant Church, (c) strengthens the continued loyalty of alumni/ae, and (d) significantly enhances the visibility and recognition of University programs and people in the wider Church, the city of Chicago, and the greater Lake Michigan region through a coherent, active, and integrated marketing and public relations plan.


North Park University will achieve increasingly strong and stable financial health and will support initiatives central to the University mission and values of the University learning community by (a) developing a rolling five-year financial plan, (b) establishing and maintaining effective economic models for each curricular segment, (c) caring for facility maintenance, and (d) advancing a culture of philanthropy.

Campus Master Plan

North Park University will develop and implement a campus master plan that provides for and fosters teaching and learning, student growth and development, and neighborhood collaboration and collegiality.


North Park University will attain a sense of campus community with faculty and staff through a shared commitment to the educational mission and distinctive learning community of the University, and hire, compensate competitively, and professionally support personnel in all work units who reflect the University’s commitment to creating a community which is both highly effective and diverse by ethnicity, gender, age, international experience, language competence, and church affiliation