Aerial view of North Park University campus with Chicago skyline.

Office of the Provost

Definitions of Academic Goals

Cultural Competence – knowledge, understanding, skills, values, and personal attributes necessary to demonstrate successful engagement in the world.

Urban Engagement – the responsible involvement in and commitment to the civic, social, and daily life of metropolitan communities.

Spiritual Development – the formation and growth of each individual’s relationship with God and neighbor as fostered through the nurturing of a reflective and conscious maturing of personal faith and commitment to action.

Global Engagement – the knowledge and experience of working, learning, and interacting with people from a variety of different cultures.

Leadership Development – the knowledge, skills, and experience to lead and work effectively with individuals and groups to effect change in a meaningful way.

Reflective Service – experiential learning opportunities combining both academic instruction and service experiences that prepare students for ethically responsible citizenship.

Collaborative Scholarship – interactive disciplinary and interdisciplinary engagement of individuals and groups with the intent of discovery.

Open Inquiry –  a systematic approach to analysis and examination that sets aside personal assumptions or preconceived opinions in the exploration of new ideas.

Intellectual Challenge– engagement of the cognitive capacity in the synthesis, value judgment, and support of creative reorganization and presentation of facts, concepts, and perceptions.