Faculty Senate

The Senate serves the University’s Faculty and its mission by acting on all matters of faculty policy concerns. The Senate shall be the chief academic policy-making body of the Faculty. The Senate shall address all business under the jurisdiction of the full Faculty. The Senate shall receive, consider, and when appropriate, vote upon all proposals, recommendations, and reports from the faculty standing and ad hoc committees; confirm graduates; consider and vote upon initiatives from the faculty and the administration related to academic policy and faculty life; consult with the Provost and faculty deans and directors on issues and policies of common concern; consider and respond to personnel and budgetary reports and policies; vote on committee members and Board representatives.

At its February 2008 faculty meeting, the North Park University faculty affirmed the formation of a faculty senate (the full text of the document the faculty approved is appended to these bylaws as “Appendix A”). While the faculty defined the senate’s basic parameters, it left the writing of all formal documents to a “Faculty Senate Procedures Committee” (approved at the May 2008 faculty meeting) which will complete its work during the 2008–2009, and 2009–2010 academic years. The North Park University faculty senate began its formal responsibilities in August 2010.



Professor Gianfranco Farruggia