English in Creative Writing
Why Study Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a discipline that builds connections, sometimes unexpected, between the visual and tactile experiences of our world. Drawing pictures with words—whether as poetry or prose, leisure or business writing—is a skill necessary to becoming an effective communicator and flexible problem solver. Learn to write and read critically, offer constructive feedback to others, and become an expert in the nuances of language.

Why Choose North Park University

Why North Park?

Offered as a concentration in the English major, North Park University’s creative writing program will introduce you to the core ideas of reading and writing in a range of styles, and encourage you to further explore the themes and styles that speak to you. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with students in other creative disciplines, take courses that emphasize the relevance of our culture and environment to the evolution of creativity, and find inspiration for your writing all over the city of Chicago.

Careers and Graduate Schools

An English major with a concentration in creative writing can lead to a number of careers, including author, editor, journalist, technical writer, teacher, publisher, marketing writer, and literary agent. You’ll be qualified for positions in a wide range of fields, or may choose to pursue graduate work in a specialized area such as journalism, writing, law, or education.

Interesting Classes

Explore creative writing styles through core classes that include:

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Writing Creative Nonfiction
  • Writing Poetry
  • Dramatic Writing
  • Writing Fiction

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Chicago's Creative World

Faculty will challenge—and accompany—you to explore the literary creativity all over the city of Chicago. You’ll attend readings at venues like Harold Washington Library, The Guild Complex, or Myopic Books, or may find an editorial internship at places like Rhino Poetry Journal, the Poetry Foundation, or the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Double Major

An English major focused on creative writing complements many subjects by teaching how to read, think, and write critically about the significant issues in our culture, society, and human experience. Common double majors include art, biblical and theological studies, history, and philosophy.

Meet the Faculty

Professor Kristy Odelius encourages collaboration amongst disciplines to inspire her students’ writing and is energized by the ways students create “rich, really thoughtful connections” between visual, written, and performance art forms.

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Kristy Odelius, English professor
Beyond the Classroom

Enhance your education through a variety of activities outside the classroom, including: