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Writing Assistance for Students

The North Park University Writing Center provides free assistance to all undergraduate writers through our drop-in center and through a writing fellows program that pairs students in Core Curriculum courses with trained Writing Advisors. We are a proud part of the University’s academic life, working alongside students and faculty to plant and nurture a thriving writing culture.

What Can the Writing Center Do for You?

Our drop-in center provides one-on-one 40-minute writing consultations given by trained undergraduate students. We conference with you on papers from any subject: essays, research papers, lab reports, resumes, application essays, and more (unless the assignment specifies there should be no outside help). We are available to conference with you at any point in the process and help you:

  • interpret assignment sheets
  • generate ideas
  • plan outlines
  • revise drafts to strengthen organization, development, consistency, clarity, and more
  • edit for a high level of polish
  • check bibliographies and in-text citations

Please note that we are available to help you in all phases of work, including the final phase, proofreading, but we are not a proofreading service.

What Does the Writing Center Believe about Writing?

At the Writing Center, our goal is to strengthen writers, not just written products, so your consultation is not just about this assignment but about your growth as a writer. All writers—even professional writers—benefit from input at various stages in the writing process. Writers grow as they revise, receive feedback from knowledgeable peers, and collaborate with others. We aim to cultivate that process and provide a safe and respectful space that promotes healthy, coordinated habits for writing and learning.

Do You Serve Graduate Students?

The Writing Center’s drop-in center only provides writing assistance for undergraduates. However, we do serve graduate students through the WRIT-5000 workshop and coaching program (currently available for the School of Nursing) and through private professional tutoring arranged on a case-by-case basis. Contact the Writing Center for more information.

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