Program Requirements

Students who complete the major requirements for a bachelor of arts in Scandinavian studies will develop the ability to speak and write Swedish, as well as to comprehend all Scandinavian languages, while also exploring the environmental and cultural context of these languages, including the history, literature, and arts of the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland).

Major Requirements

Course descriptions for all SCAN courses are available at the bottom of this page.

36 semester hours (sh) of major courses:

  • Required core of language, grammar, and writing courses in Swedish or Norwegian:
    • SWED 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020, 3150
    • NORW 1010, 1020; semester language study in Norway to earn 2010, 2020, 3150
  • Cultural and literature studies (12 sh) — SCAN 2130; 3200; 3250, 4901
  • Elective hours in Swedish (4 sh) — Choose from SWED 3910, 4000, 4910

Minor Requirements

20 semester hours

  • Required core of language, grammar, and writing courses (16 sh):
    • SWED 1010, 1020, 2010, 2020
    • NORW 1010, 1020, semester study in Norway to earn 2010, 2020
  • Elective hours in Scandinavian studies (4 sh)

Course Descriptions

Click on the links below for course descriptions of all Scandinavian studies courses. For a complete list of all North Park's programs and course offerings, review the academic catalog.

SCAN 2040 – Swedish Phonetics and Pronunciation
Phonetics and pronunciation is a practical course that aims to help majors improve their pronunciation and learn how to teach pronunciation to others. It also includes the theoretical treatment of phonetics, specifically articulatory phonetics, phonology, linguistics structures, and intonation that will be language specific.

SCAN 2130 – Scandinavian History and Culture
Course offered in English. Scandinavia's role in European development. The Viking age, the medieval period, the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, the modern breakthrough, nineteenth century migration, emergence of the modern democracies, and the Welfare State.

SCAN 3200 – Ibsen and Strindberg
Course offered in English. Lectures with reading, discussion, analysis, and synthesis of representative plays of Scandinavia's two internationally significant dramatists.

SCAN 3250 – Reading and Comprehending Scandinavian Languages
The study of current texts in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish develops the student's ability to read and comprehend the other Scandinavian languages. The texts will reflect issues related to the environment, business, and contemporary society in Scandinavia. (Course offered in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.)

SCAN 3910 – Topics in Scandinavian Studies
Topics courses offered either by the Swedish Department or in cooperation with the Center for Scandinavian Studies.

SCAN 4000 – Departmental Honors in Swedish
Honors students will write a major paper at the honors level and make an oral presentation of the paper at a Spring Honors Symposium.

SCAN 4901 – Senior Assessment
A non-credit course for which all Scandinavian Studies majors must register in order to complete their final requirements to graduate: a portfolio, an oral proficiency interview, and written exit questionnaire. Graded on a pass/fail basis.

SCAN 4910 – Independent Study in Swedish
Advanced independent research. Open to majors in other disciplines with a reading knowledge of the language.

SCAN 4970 – Internship in Swedish
Please refer to the internship section of the catalog for requirements and guidelines.

Program requirements