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We recognize there are unique needs of our alumni. It is our goal to assist you in meeting those needs by providing you with resources to help you be successful. It is important to remember that your professional future is a matter of individual responsibility and you must be willing to devote substantial time to career exploration, networking, self-assessment, and the job search process. We can provide resume and cover letter review and insights regarding your job search process. For more information contact the Career Development & Internships Office via email or at (773) 244-5575.

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Career Resources

Let us assist you in developing an understanding of yourself, your professional interests, and what steps you can take during college to get there. Our career and internship staff will meet with you face-to-face, and can administer interest inventories, recommend workshops and other materials, and help you develop a plan for success.
Graduate Students

Graduate School

Find out how we can assist you in taking the next step toward whatever graduate program you plan to pursue after your degree.
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Alumni Connect

Getting involved with the North Park Alumni Association is a great networking opportunity. Find out what alumni events are being hosted in your area, and find us on LinkedIn.