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North Park University is excited to offer our most committed partners an opportunity to positively impact the lives of students and help shape our Chicago community. Our Career Development and Internships Office invites you to become a member of our new Executive Partnership Program (EPP). As an executive partner, you’ll join us in cultivating the next generation workforce as they lead lives of significance and service. EPP is an innovative way to both promote your business objectives and invest in future business and community leaders.

Our executive partners are leaders in their industries who understand the important role they play in helping to guide the next generation of business professionals. EPP allows students and executive partners to connect in meaningful ways through mentorship, community service, and work experience. Students benefit from on-the-job training and practice relating theory to real-world application, while executive partners have access to the creativity of North Park University’s diverse, international student body to strengthen their workplaces.

How You Can Partner

You may support our partnership in a variety of ways to show your commitment to North Park University’s students, including:

  • C-Suite Lecture Series: Share your professional expertise with our talented students. Educate students by encouraging company senior leadership to participate in our ongoing lecture series, featuring business, nonprofit, government, and faith-based organizations.
  • Job Shadowing and Volunteering: Offer volunteer opportunities and tours of your workplace, which allow students to receive hands-on experience and see business settings in action.
  • Internship and Employment Recruitment: Help students prepare for professional leadership in your career field with relevant work experience. Internships are great ways for training future hires to be successful in your unique business environment.
  • Program Sponsorship: Sponsor student groups, short-term research projects, on-campus special events, or community awareness campaigns (e.g. breast cancer research, domestic violence prevention, etc.). Sponsorship is an effective tool for reaching North Park University’s students and stakeholders to advance your company’s brand and mission.
  • Philanthropy: Support our work through in-kind and monetary donations, as well as gifts of your employees’ time. Philanthropic donations are targeted opportunities to engage employees and business resources to benefit North Park University students.

Your Benefits

In special recognition of our commitment, executive partners will receive the following:

  • Brand recognition in program and event marketing materials.
  • Guidance identifying potential interns and permanent hires to cultivate your talent pool.
  • Participation in North Park University’s professional development and networking opportunities.
  • Insights and assistance designing your corporate responsibility strategies.

Contact Us

Our EPP offers many options for you to connect with North Park University. For more information about how you can become an executive partner, please contact