Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management

We’ve created the Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management with you in mind. We understand that as a nonprofit professional, you are seeking opportunities for growth and personal development. With the professional certificate you can focus your attention in one specific area or you can take a broader approach. We offer opportunities for learning through workshops and webinars in a variety of subjects that include board governance/relations, financial management, fundraising, human resources/staff relations, and volunteer management. Workshops and webinars are measured in continuing education units (CEUs). With each workshop you earn three CEUs; for each webinar, one CEU.

We have professional development programs for a variety of skill and experience levels to meet you where you are in your career. The professional certificate provides a non-degree credential upon completion. Typically, executive level and development staff enroll in this program.

You choose the path that fits you best, and we’ll help you reach your goals.

$899 Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management Package

This package allows you to pay in advance for 42 continuing education units (CEUs). This is equivalent to 14 half-day workshops or 7 full-day workshops or a combination thereof. This represents a savings over $200 on the cost-per-workshop fee to attend 14 half-day workshops. You must earn 42 CEUs within two years of your original registration date to fulfill certificate requirements. This package is non-transferable and no refunds are provided. Regular cancellation policies apply.

Enrollment Period

To ensure participants can complete their professional certificate within 2 years, the enrollment period is August through February.  If you are interested in the certificate after the enrollment period has ended, please first contact the Axelson Center so we can best assist you and your plans for the certificate program.

Next Steps

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the professional certificate.

Contact our program manager at (773) 244-5799 for more information.

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